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Prestige Designz was established in 2012 from humble beginnings and has grown into one of the most reputable and recognised brands in the UK. Our success is thanks to the support of family, friends and our community and which now affords me the privilege to give back to those who need help the most. I began by supporting many charitable organisations and campaigns which have included various homeless projects, helping the flood victims in Cumbria, raising awareness for mental health and dialysis. I also visit schools to talk about our charity work and present a radio show discussing issues important to the community.

The one thing that has moved me the most however, was the refugee crisis. The heartbreaking images compelled some brothers and I to travel to Calais to distribute emergency aid and food to the refugees. Since that significant visit to Calais I have travelled to many countries such as Germany, Macedonia and the Greek island of Lesbos to distribute food and aid.

I have only been able to achieve this is because of the support of my family, friends and last and most important, the people who donated, because without their support and help I could not have done what I wanted to do. We are now registered as a charity and are looking for volunteers to help us with our upcoming projects. Please help us to achieve our goals.

"With sincere intention always comes great reward’
Naeem Brisco



Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Business Mentor, Award Winning Philanthropist, CEO Prestige UK Group, Event Host, Presenter. Feautered on Various media outlets which include BBC, ITV, Newspaper columns and much more...

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